What's new on PhotoModeler2010 features

There are excellent examples of the applications where PhotoModeler Scanner can be used on the PhotoModeler web site. Links are provided on each image below.


Civil Engineering
Accidents and Forensics
Film and Annimation

Biology and Medical


PhotoModeler Scanner 2010

PhotoModeler Scanner

M.Software is the Southern Africa Distributor for PhotoModeler Scanner.

PhotoModeler Scanner differs from the base PhotoModeler product by its ability to scan photo pairs to produce dense point cloud and meshed surfaces. This is Dense Surface Modeling (DSM). The new SmartMatch feature speeds up the orientation of photographs in a project. See a demonstation on this video link.

Dense Surface Modeling is used in any application where a large number of 3D points are needed.  The surfaces being modeled need a natural or random texture (or that texture can be applied or projected).  Most applications where a laser scanner works, DSM will work also.

PhotoModeler Scanner contains the powerful Leios Components from EGS so no separate point cloud, meshing, filtering, clean up tool is required. PhotoModeler Scanner contains everything you need to go from photographs to completed triangulated meshes ready for export.


photos are taken of a stock pile and PhotoModeler Scanner can process the volume and size of the stock pile

aerial photos were used to create this contour image

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