PhotoModeler 2010

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Procession Time (sec) to complete PhotoModeler 6.3, PhotoModeler on 1 core and PhotoModeler on 4 core



PhotoModeler 2010

Features - PhotoModeler

M.Software is the Southern Africa Distributor for all PhotoModeler products.

New versions of PhotoModeler and PhotoModeler Scanner and PhotoModeler Motion are regularly updated and have some amazing new features! Versions are followed by the year of release and major and minor release numbers following the year. e.g first release 2011.0.0

Major new Features

SmartMatch - automation for non-targeted images

Look at this YouTube video link to best unserstand how SmartMatch works.

Geographic coordinate systems now intergrated

Project Review and Status pane

External Geometry Explorer (EGE) view pane

This new view pane consolidates the scale/rotate/translate coordinate system setup with control points, and multi-point affine. New capabilities are mulitple scales, check distances, check points and multi-point affine.

The EGE gives the user

New camera calibration method

On-Photo Dimensions

Exceptional Improved Speed

Computing speed has been improved in all the following areas:

There is additional speed for those with Mulit-core processors. Shee the bar chatrs in the right hand column for compassisons. Results are from six typical projects run on PhotoModeler 6.3 version and in the new PhotoModeler 2011 version

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