Realistic surfaces are applied to a wireframe project
Close up showing lines and surfaces
Close up showing lines and point reference numbers.




PhotoModeler is a very useful tool for Architects when 'as built' drawing have to be compiled of existing structures. The program is able to generate acurate 3D drawings of the structure as well as produce elevation drawings.

PhotoModeler is able to model complex features such as arcs, pillars, brick details and obstructed edges.



The wire frame generated can be exported as a DXF (2D and 3D), 3Ds, Wavefront OBJ, VRML (1 & 2), IGES, Raw, and Microsoft Direct X.


Reverse Engineering

PhotoModeler can be used to reconstruct a model from a single historical or archive photograph. When there is no information about the camera to callibrate the lens, PhotoModeler will function in a reverse engineering process.

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