What's new on PhotoModeler 2010

Photos taken from different positions ...

... can create a wire frame

... and surfaces can be added




M.Software is the Southern Africa Distributors for PhotoModeler.

PhotoModeler is the professionals choice for measuring and modeling the real-world. Coded Target Module and PhotoModeler Automation are now included in this new base product.

With PhotoModeler a 3D model can accurately be created by using photographs of an object or a scene. For example: photographs taken from different positions to cover all sides of a building can be used to create an accurate 3D wire frame that can be rotated on screen and viewed from any possible angle.

Add control points to your project or take an accurate linear measurement between 2 points on the object and you will have a 3D wire frame from which you can take accurate measurements and export to any CAD application. An enhancing feature of PhotoModeler is that textures and colour from the photographs can be added to the surfaces on your 3D wire frame to create an accurate realistic 3D model.

PhotoModeler can be used in a variety of different professions.


Which PhotoModeler is right for me?

  PhotoModeler PhotoModeler Scanner
Create CAD-like models yes yes
Perform acurate measurements yes yes
Model man-made shapes yes yes
Print and use Coded Targets yes yes
Automate projects yes yes
Model organic and natural shape   yes
Dense Surface Modeling (DSM)   yes
SmartMatch   yes
PhotoModeler   PhotoModeler Scanner
My application is:
  • architectural structure
  • accident scene diagrams
  • crush measurement
  • piping and process plants
  • industrial high-accuracy 3D point measurement
  • archaeology
  • rapid turn-around measurement with targets
  My application is:
  • architectural surface scans
  • quarries / mining
  • stock pile profiles and volumes
  • cliff / rock faces
  • human body / back/ face / feet scans
  • non-contact curatorial scans
  • boot and foot prints

Advanced features in PhotoModeler

3D Viewer - view and rotate complex projects and fully textured models
Measurements - Perform point, distance,length and area measurements within PhotoModeler
NURBS - High quality Non-Uniform Rational B-Splines provide great modelling capabilities for objects/scenes with curved edges.
Cylinder Modelling - Model and measure cylindrical shaped objects such as pipes and cylinders
Surface Tools - Add surfaces to features defined by Points, Lines, Curves, and Edges. Surfaces can then be assigned photo-textures and colours.
Constraints - Enter known relationships into the project (e.g. parallell, perpendicular, colinear, etc.) to fine-tune processing.
Camera Calibration Program - Accurately measure your camera's focal length, principal point digitising aspect ratio and lens distortion.
Project Merge - Combine two or more PhotoModeler projects into a single project.
Shapes - 3D geometric solid shapes such as cubes, pyramids and wedges can be added into the model by marking their edges. Surfaces and textures can be added to these shapes.
Imports - Version 6 can now import exisiting models in DXF and OBJ format.
New printing and output - Any photo, 3D view or table can be sent to the printer, a file or the clipboard. Tables can be exported as text files, or as comma seperated for importing into Excel or be sent to the printer with columns drawn in the same way as they are in the window.
Tables revamp - Tables have been replaced to improve handling and performance. There are two new table types.
New exports - Maya export has been enhanced to include curves, lines and the camera positions.
Quality feedback in 3D viewer - Tools for evaluating model quality and analyzing data have been added to the 3D viewer.
Camera Database and automatic camera matching - A new central database of calibrated cameras has been added. You can add and remove cameras from this database.
Automatic processing - projects can optionally be set to process automatically when a change is made that could affect the projects state.
User interface revamp - This feature has had a major overhaul to bring it up to modern standards.
Idealise module - This is a new add-on module for PhotoModeler 6.

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