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NETwork Survey Software

NETwork is a powerful portable Survey software program written by M.Software for the Psion Workabout handheld computers. (The PSION Workabout Mx is no longer available. - added 3 July 2012) The program focuses on the requirements of Land Surveyors and Engineering Surveyors for the rapid recording of all field observations and rapid immediate field survey computation of point coordinates. 

NETwork is broken into three distinct modules. Each module can operate independently of each other or can be integrated so that common data can be shared by each module. Switching between modules means that computations of points can be made immediately the observations are completed. 

NETwork Survey Suite is provided with Utility software.
(The PSION Workabout MX hand held computer is no longer available. - added 3 July 2012)

Calculation Files

All directions, vertical angles, distances and corrections used for the performance of all Survey computations can be recorded in a Calculation File. Extraction of recorded fieldwork observations for purposes of calculation, is automatic. It is not necessary to re-enter recorded observations manually to perform a survey calculation. All corrections are applied, for reductions e.g. Slope, Sea Level, Scale enlargement, direction sheet or orientation. Orientation directions to trig points are weighted.

Total Stations

NETwork is interfaced to a wide range of Total Stations supplied by the various instrument manufacturers, but it is also possible to input field survey data manually. Field observations also make provision for Engineering Levelling using a level and staff. The levelling program will also extract and compute the closure and adjust all levels.

Printing your Fieldbook

NETwork also provides the user with the option to print the recorded fieldbook, coordinate, levelling or calculation files formatted for a wide range of dot matrix, laser or inkjet printers. It is also possible to obtain real time printouts of the calculations as they are being performed.

Network Survey Suite software

Connecting to your Computer

Interfacing of NETwork to most desktop systems is extremely easy and the transfer of files is rapid. Facilities exist to either copy files in the Psion proprietary format or export files in the format of the destination PC software format. A supplied PC utility will allow conversion of the file format to industry standard dBase , Excel or ASCII format.

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