Newwork Survey Suite software

Frequently Asked Questions


The PSION Workabout Mx is no longer available. - added 3 July 2012

Question 1

I have deleted files from my SSD Flash pack and the program reports that I don't have any free space.

Answer :

When files are deleted on a SSD Flash Pack the memory space that the file previously occupied is not usable until the pack has been formatted.

  1. Copy any files that you do not want deleted to either the internal memory of the Psion Workabout or transfer the files to your PC.
  2. Select the formatting option under the UTILS menu heading and follow the on screen instructions.
  3. Copy any moved files back onto the Flash Pack

Question 2

I am not able to exit out of the NETwork program.

Answer :

A batch file Autoexec.btf is now included with the NETwork program. This file allows the NETwork programs to automatically load after a battery failure or the resetting of the Psion Workabout operating system, thereby negating the need to know the steps to insert the NETwork Icon after a reboot. The Psion Workabout Spreadsheet and Calculator software can still be accessed from within the NETwork programs by selecting these programs that are located in the UTILITIES menu under the UTILS menu heading.

Question 3

How do I insert the NETwork Icon on the System Screen?

Answer :

This will be necessary for any program pack that has not been upgraded to the latest version of NETwork program. After a battery failure or a reboot of the Psion press the MENU key and using your cursor keys select the SYSTEM SCREEN option. Once the System Screen has loaded proceed with the following steps.

  1. Press the MENU Key
  2. Using your cursor keys select the APPS menu
  3. Select the INSTALL option
  4. Highlight the line that displays "INTERNAL"
  5. Use you cursor keys to toggle the line until the word "NETWORK" appears in the top line.
  6. Press the ENTER key

The NETwork Icon will now be displayed on the screen.

Question 4

How do I do a hard reset on the PSION Workabout?

Answer :

Warning: This option will delete all files in the internal memory and will reset the Psion to default settings. Before you perform this option make sure that you backup or copy all files on the internal memory to a PC. Switch on the Psion Workabout and hold down all three grey keys at the bottom left hand side of the Workabout keyboard (Shift key, Psion key U and the Control key) and then press the Delete key. The Psion will require you to enter a valid Date and Time before allowing you to use the NETwork programs

Question 5

How do I do a soft reset on the PSION Workabout?

Answer :

This option allows you to reset the operating system without deleting the contents of the internal memory. Switch on the Psion Workabout and hold down the two grey keys at the bottom left hand side of the Workabout keyboard (Psion key U and the Control key) and then press the Delete key.

Question 6

How do I escape out of an application in the NETwork Survey program?

Answer :

Occasionaly situations do arise when due to a breakdown in communications with a Total Station the program will be locked in a program loop. If you press the ON/ESCAPE key in most cases the problem will be solved. If this does not solve the problem hold down the Psion Key U and press the ON/ESCAPE key.

Question 7

How do I upload co-ordinate files from my PC to the PSION Workabout?

Answer :

There is no single solution to this problem because of the large number of different survey PC programs being used that are written by different software vendors. NETwork Survey Suite used the propriety Psion database format for the storage of coordinate file. There are 4 fields in a NETwork coordinate file POINT_NAME, Y_COORD, X_COORD and Z_COORD. To convert from a PC program to the Psion format you need to get the PC coordinate list into a format that can be read by commercial software such as Excel (.csv) or dBaseIII (.dbf) format. Once this has been done the Psion program PSIWIN will copy and convert the commercial file format to the Psion database format.