Network Survey Suite software

Field Data Capture Module

Unique coding technique for each observation type.

Data library of Descriptions, Common Abbreviations with associated attributes allowing the capture of Point, Line and Polyline features. Bi-directional communication with most makes of Electronic Total Station Theodolites. The data capture sequence is not dictated by the type of attribute.

Network Survey Suite software


At the left is an example of the descriptive list of common abbreviations.





Capture of all Setup station information including Atmospheric information for the highest degree of Survey accuracy.

Orientation of the theodolite by weighted directional mean.

Traversing, Triangulation observations with checking for circle left / circle right agreement and RO closure.

EDM or Staff Tache.

Offset observations.

High speed Tacheometric observations.

Beacon Placing and location observations using known coordinates.

Placing of points on line or at offset distance from center line.

Real time capture of observations and computation of captured coordinate.

Recording of fieldbook comments.

Printing of the Survey Fieldbook to printer

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The PSION Workabout Mx is no longer available. - added 3 July 2012