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The new Crime Zone Version 8 is simply the best software available for investigators who need to create 2D and 3D crime scene diagrams! It's easy to create accurate, realistic, 3D views of any scene that are ideal for courtroom presentations. Thousands of predrawn symbols are included, with a powerful Symbol Manager that helps you quickly find the right symbol and place it perfectly the first time.

crime zone drawingOnly The Crime Zone has tools like our unique Body Poser for exactly posing body symbols and our Easy Builder for automatically drawing complex building floor plans.

New Version 8!
New 3D Body Poser lets you easily show limbs at exactly the right position; All new 3D Stair and Ramp Builder, just point and click to build any 3D stairway; Easily show evidence, blood, dimensions, photographs and images on walls or other vertical surfaces; Incredible new 3D shading - you control the light source to make it more realistic than ever.

More Powerful!
New features let you draw 3D surfaces and bullet trajectories, place symbols on slopes and assign exact heights, generate profiles, calculate slopes, show evidence like blood spatter on walls and vertical surfaces!

More Compatible!
Import 3D Data from data capturing devices. Import & export AutoCAD .dwg and .dxf files! Completely compatible with SAPSurv, NETwork Survey Suite, Photomodeler Pro, The Pocket Zone, Pocket PC Data Collector software.

crime zone plan crime zone view crime zone screen
The Body Poser allows you to exactly position the bodies. 3D view of the crime scene plan shown on the left. Data base of predrawn crime scene symbols.
crime zone view crime zone view
Crime scene evidence can be presented in 3D. Evidence at a crime scene can be positioned in relation to the rest of the contents in the room.

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