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For 10 years The Crash Zone has been the drawing program of choice for Accident Reconstructionists who insist on functionality, precision, and ease of use. The new Crash Zone Version 8 has even more tools for crash investigators, including an editable vehicle specifications database, skid analysis and momentum calculations, and an easy-to-use 3D body poser! No special training is required!

crash zone With Crash Zone anyone can turn a 2D diagram into compelling, 3D courtroom exhibits with accurate 3D surfaces, aligned symbols, and profiles to show perspective views and sight lines.

New Version 8!
New calculation tools make it easy to determine pre-impact and post-impact speeds from skid marks (even across different surfaces) and determine impact speeds with the new Momentum Calculator. Use the Vehicle Database to obtain exact specifications for weight and wheelbase values to use in the speed formulas. The new Body Poser lets you easily pose bodies in 3D!

Easy Vehicle Database!
Now you can obtain vehicle specifications and a scaled outline for most vehicles by selecting them from an industry-standard database. The outline is drawn to exact specifications for length, width, center of mass, wheelbase, front and rear overhang. Easily stretch any of the detailed, 3D vehicle symbols to have the same size as the outline.

More 3D!
New tools make it painless to pose bodies exactly the way you want to see them in 3D Easily draw 3D surfaces and trajectories, place symbols on slopes and assign exact heights, generate profiles, even show evidence on walls and vertical surfaces!

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